In 2015, Federal Government of Nigeria introduced a single account for all her agencies and parastatals activities. Prior to this time, Nigerian federal government agencies and parastatals maintain their accounts as it pleases them. An agency may maintain 30 to 50 different accounts for her operations and remit revenue generated to federal government when they want to do so.

DPR is one of the federal agencies that all the payments you are to make to them goes to this single federal account.

In this write-up, you will learn how to pay your DPR fees and charges online with picture demonstrations on your own.


Step 1: Find out the DPR category of application you want to make. Click for more about DPR Categories

Step 2: Find out the DPR Application fee / Processing fee you want to make. Click for more on DPR App Fee

Step 3: Generate your payment Remita Code. Click here

Step 4: Make payment through Direct Deposit or pay Online with your card.

Step 5: Type in DPR in the field “NAME OF MDA” and the system will pop up list of items that will enable you to choose the name of service(s) you are paying for.

Step 6: Generate your code and make payment with your Card or copy /save the generated RRR code and take the code to bank and make payment.

This can be done through your smart mobiles or computer that is connected to internet.

For help and other assistance, contact us:
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