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Company/ Business Registration in Dubai,

Business Registration Services in UAE

Company/ Business Registration in Dubai, UAE for local company licenses is made easy your business in UAE. Our business registration services cover Commercial License to engaged in any kind of trading activity or Industrial License to engaged in manufacturing or any industrial activity or Professional License meant for service providers, professionals, artisans, and craftsmen. We understand it well that starting a new venture in the new country is a tough task. It’s really hard to understand the laws of the country where an entrepreneur wants to start the business. That’s why an individual must require an experienced company to register a company in Dubai, UAE. With our support, an individual or corporate organization will complete the business setup process quickly and effortlessly. With our corporate compliance services, we’ll handle all the procedures on your behalf, liaising with the relevant authorities and government departments along the way to take the hassle out of UAE company set up. Are you planning to establish your business in the UAE with all the legal requirements? We can handle it all in your budget. Dubai company register is not an easy task, but, with our experienced and qualified team, we make it possible without any hassle. Get a business license within 3 hours*. We exist to assist you with the complete business registration process in Dubai, UAE. You have an option of 25+ free zones or Local Company in any of the seven emirates for company registration in UAE. If you want to start wholesaling, importing the products or want to do retail business like via supply or store/shop then we will assist you to chalk out the plan that is mandatory and can be asked for specification by concern legal authorities to register company/ business in Dubai.

Types of licenses

  1. Commercial License– This license is required if a company will be engaged in any kind of trading activity. 2. Industrial License– This license is mandatory if a company will be engaged in manufacturing or any industrial activity. 3. Professional License – This license is necessary for the service providers, professionals, artisans, and craftsmen.
For issuing local company licenses in Dubai, the Department of Economic Development in Dubai is responsible. This department operates from various locations to deliver licensing services. At I&I Corporate services, we have a vast experience of the company set up in Dubai, so we can set up your business as quickly as possible.

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