Upstream Oil & Gas Consulting Services

Our team of experts understand the job. The converging market forces that includes rising shale production, environments issues, lower oil prices, new operational efficiencies, geopolitical developments and more – are dramatically reshaping the global oil and gas industry. As the pace of change accelerates, corporate and government leaders must make the right choices in order to identify exploration and production opportunities that promise optimal growth while also prioritizing investments, driving innovation, managing risks and reducing costs.

The trusted relationships that we have established throughout the energy industry over the past years give us the perspective to help you shape your own future.


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Our upstream oil and gas consulting team are uniquely positioned to partner with you to meet the challenges by combining world-class information, analytics and expertise into decision-support solutions that are custom built to help you with:

  • Proven Track Record – Over the years, we have supported many organizations in Nigeria including IOCs, NOCs, manufacturering companies, energy service companies, educational institutions and more.
  • Deep Energy Expertise – Benefit from the experience of our 20+ experts and consultants including geoscientists, engineers, economists, lawyers, information specialists and other experts
  • Industry-Leading Data – Gain access to our comprehensive, proprietary data for Nigerian E&P operations, security and environment, significant energy assets on the market, private oil companies and much more

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  • Independent Insights – Get objective analysis that driven by timely, accurate information content and crafted to meet the needs of your organization
  • Advanced Tools – Maximize the value of data with premier analytic systems for asset valuation, reservoir engineering, proprietary operating and capital cost indexes, and other key functions

Join the industry leaders who partner with the AzizaGroup upstream oil and gas consulting team to achieve their business goals at all points along the energy industry value chain. See how we can help you.