Oil and Gas Regulatory Compliance Energy Consulting

Achieve Energy Regulatory Compliance Energy Investment. As oil and gas companies and government agencies adapt to evolving global energy markets, effective regulatory compliance management to meet investments mission without manhour critical.

Corporate managers must ensure that they are complying with complex oil and gas regulations in multiple jurisdictions and adhering to industry best practices in order to minimize risks, reduce costs and avoid disruption. Government officials seek to attract energy investment while protecting national interests, safeguarding communities and environmental resources from potential risks.


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The upstream oil and gas regulatory consulting team at Aziza Group can help you as an international company to meet Nigerian oil and gas sector regulatory compliances to attract and meet investments into the energy sector as well as manage legal and regulatory compliance challenges and transform them into opportunities for progress – especially during capital intensive development and production phases.

Our lawyers, regulatory specialists, information managers and other experts have deep experience working with leaders from industry and governments. We provide:

  • Country energy policy and master plan development – Understand best practices when opening up sectors and get assistance in the strategic steps forward.
  • Licensing-round strategy development, advisory and execution support – Predict bid round results and analyze bids received from energy companies to better negotiate from a position of strength and knowledge.
  • Fiscal and regulatory benchmarking and advice – Compare assessments and in-depth analysis of oil and gas fiscal systems and regimes against peer groups or develop composite indexes comparing fiscal systems to measure profitability, revenue risk and stability.


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  • Drafting Memorandum of Understanding/ Agreement (MOU), laws, regulations, standards – Explore the legal framework when developing legislation and regulations to encourage investment and development strategies, as well as strengthen regulation competencies that comply with international best practices.
  • Regulatory compliance support – Develop, maintain and populate an enterprise compliance solution for country operations and gain a competitive advantage; access immediate answers to regulatory questions, reduce risk and manage information throughout the life-cycle of a petroleum investment.
  • Dispute Resolution Support – Deliver independent and credible expert witness and arbitration support services; understand what issues are relevant to the case and how they can be best presented; serve as independent experts or assist in formulating strategy, developing analysis and data during the entire discovery and trial process.