In this video, we explain different kinds of contracts and jobs you can executive in Nigerian Oil and Gas industry with General DPR Permit. Minor Works, Minor Maintenance and Minor Supply.

WORKS (Artisans):

  1. Minor Welding
  2. Minor Plumbing
  3. Minor Painting
  4. Photographic


  1. Minor Civil
  2. Minor Mechanical
  3. Minor Electrical


  1. Minor Civil Maintenance Materials
  2. Minor Mechanical Maintenance Materials
  3. Minor Electrical Maintenance Materials
  4. Plumbing Materials
  5. Office Stationery
  6. Minor Computer Accessories/Consumables
  7. Welding Materials
  8. Minor Catering Services (Provision of Snacks and Beverages for Meetings, etc.)

OthersĀ as may be determined and/or endorsed by the Director, Department of Petroleum Resources.

General DPR Permits Works, Contracts and Jobs that You Can Do with it

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