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The local content development act in Nigerian has brought in many changes in the business of Oil and Gas, Marine and Manufacturing sectors/ industries. Create more win-win opportunities to foreigners and Nigerian indigenous players. It open up more opportunities for Nigeria indigenes that many foreigners are leveraging on but partnering with experienced local Oil & Gas firm like Aziza Nigeria gives more opportunities.

Are you interested in investing in the Nigerian Oil & Gas sector and you are looking for a good and experience partner for a good ROI and to comply to Nigerian Local Content Development Act, Aziza Nigeria is your trusted company to partner with.

As more business opportunities increases in Nigerian Oil and Gas, Marine and Manufacturing industry, many are working hard to grab them while others are piping from afar. Some of the interested investors who have the resources and technologies do not know how. This has made Local Content Partnership a win – win method to go.


Local Content development policy in Nigeria gives a framework for the increase in Nigerian participation in the Oil and Gas, Marine and Manufacturing Industry / sector and others. It prescribes minimum thresholds for Nigerian participation in activities within the industry through the utilization of Nigerian human and material resources and services in the industry. In the Oil and Gas sector activities, connection with the exploration, development, exploitation, transportation and sale of Nigerian crude oil and gas resources.


It also seeks to promote local employment and the use of local goods and contractors so that a country’s citizens are involved throughout the entire supply chain.


With these and more, partnering with experienced and indigenous firm like us that have reputable goodwill avail many mutual benefits and opportunities.

Fostering harmonious Oil and Gas company and ethnic host community co-existence through a local content partnership in the Niger Delta is way to go.


Some benefits of Partnering with us.

  • Good return on investment
  • Compliance to the local content policy.
  • Leverage in wealth of experience, Save cost and nationwide network.
  • Stepping more safely into the field of sustainable development
  • Delivering higher quality project outcomes
  • Promoting long-term sustainability of projects
  • Facilitating development and growth of projects
  • Improving stakeholder engagement
  • Creating open communication channels with local communities
  • Contribute to sustainable development


Fostering Business Harmony Through a Local Content Partnership

The Niger Delta region accounts for over ninety percent of Nigeria’s oil revenue. And yet it is the most underdeveloped region in Nigeria.  Four decades of ecological and economic neglect have left much of the Delta desolate, uninhabitable and poor. Political and corporate mismanagement have been blamed for the scale of environmental and social damage caused by crude oil production.  There is deep ingrained disagreement about the way in which oil and gas resources are extracted, the distribution of revenues and the level of involvement of the local population in development decisions.


Local Content Partnerships as A Solution

The truth is, Local Content Partnerships (LCP) would meet these expectations. Developing local content partnership projects also meets the expectations of the investors, host community, state and country at large.


Let’s partner with you, Aziza Nigeria is fully as indigenous firm with many years of experience in Oil and Gas, Marine and Manufacturing sectors/ industries business support. We have use years to build an enviable goodwill in the industries.


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