Business Representation in Nigeria

Business Representation or Service of Process (SOP)

Wherever you do business in Nigeria, Aziza Nigeria can serve as your registered agent/ business support for service of process (SOP), receiving legal and tax notices and other official documents on behalf of your business/ corporation and forwarding them to you without delay in any part of the world or in Nigeria.

With Aziza Nigeria as your registered business support/ agent, you gain access to a revolutionary process for receiving and distributing SOP. We accept delivery of your documents and then forward them to you electronically—scanned, courier and optimized—within 24 hours. Upon receipt and processing by Aziza Nigeria of any new SOP, we’ll send your contacts an email alert directing them to a secure online location where all of your company’s SOP-related documents are available for review and action.

Because we offer international Service of Process, we can receive any and all documents while you are traveling internationally, and forward them to you electronically in a timely manner so you do not miss any important documents while you are away.

Discover how using Aziza Nigeria as an agent/ business support for Service of Process can benefit your company. Contact us


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Service of Process/ Business Representation FAQs

What is service of process?

Service of process means any official government notifications, which could include legal and tax notifications, annual report forms, business permits, certificate or license renewals, correspondence from any government agency, and other business notices.

What is a registered agent or process agent?

An agent for service of process is a trusted individual or registered firm in Nigeria or in the same state where an business/ entity is established, who is authorized to receive service of process on behalf of your business or corporation. Entities may serve as their own registered agent/ business support, but for reasons including convenience and dependability, most choose a third party to avoid the consequences of not promptly responding to SOP

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Business Representation in Nigeria

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