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As No 1. Debt collection service firm in Nigeria, we offer 100% No recovery, no pay. You don’t need to increase your debt in other to recover the outstanding one. We go for legitimate business debt only. To us, legitimate business debt mean debts that occurred while carrying out legitimate business transactions either in your country or in Nigeria and the debtor’s business is residing in Nigeria.

Business debts are increasing as business opportunities are increasing in the world. Has your company done business in Nigeria, but the invoices have yet to be paid? Contact Aziza Nigeria and her partners to collect the debts for you. Our rate is low, we operate efficiently, professionally and without compromising your relationship with your client.

We serve both nationally and internationally firms and persons.

Success Debt collection Story

70% percent of our debt recovery cases ended up not going to court. Our experts in mediation mostly come out with the debtor and creditor a win – win approach for the repayment. These strategies do save us time and resources to recover your debt in good time without going to court of law in Nigeria.

Foreign debt collection in Nigeria

Though some international collection/ recovery agents use Aziza Nigeria to recover their clients debts, you as a person or an organization can contact us directly for your debt collection. Click to Contact us

We are Nigerian Debt Collection firm based in Nigeria with team of experts in law and enforcement. We know Nigeria laws, customs and we are familiar with local regulations as it affect different states with regards to credit recovery. This forms our strength and help us to offers an effective solution for the collection of outstanding debts in Nigeria.

Our network covers almost all parts of Nigeria. This has enables us to guarantee an efficient and professional collection/ recovery in Nigeria.

Employing Aziza Nigeria services gives you an opportunity to recovery your debt in good time with low cost recovery.

No Recovery, No Pay Debt Collection Service

Our Debt Recovery/ Collection service in Nigeria has been on a no cure, no pay basis. Different rates apply based on the nature of debt.

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Debt collection Nigeria

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