Frequently Asked Questions to Aziza Nigeria

We want to use this page to answer some of our visitors frequently asked questions.

Aziza Nigeria is a Private Business support company in Nigeria

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Q. How long would it take to complete my Company Incorporation/ registration?
Answer: It takes us average of two (2) weeks to complete your company registration.

Q. Do you deliver outside Nigeria?
The answer is Yes!. We complete the registration here in Nigeria and deliver your work to the address you will provide through courier services.

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Q. How long would take to complete my Company’s NipeX registration?
Answer: It takes us average of four (4) weeks to complete your company’s NipeX registration.

Q. Are you a NipeX staff?
Answer: No! We are not NipeX staff nor representing any of the staff


General Questions

Q. Is Aziza owned by Nigerian Government?
Answer: No!

Q. How do I get a reliable business partners?
Answer: As a Foreigner or Nigerian who do not have person or business partner in Nigeria, you don’t need to worry again. Aziza Nigeria was form to fill this gap in Nigerian business environment.

Q. Is Aziza representing Nigerian Federal Agencies?
Answer: No! Aziza is a Private Business Support Center Nigeria based in Nigeria. We help people to register businesses and in facilitating their business operation in Nigeria.

Q. Our company is not based in Nigeria, but our debtors are in Nigeria. Can Aziza Nigeria help us to collect the debt?
Answer: Yes! If we agree on terms, we will help you to recover your debt and return it to your account.

Q. We have other business support needs that are not listed on your site. Can Aziza help us on them?
Answer: Yes! It depend on what your needs are. Contact us to explain in details what you want.



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