BPP Registration Requirements

Bureau of Public Procurement (BPP)?

The Bureau of Public Procurement is the regulatory body that is responsible for monitoring and providing oversight for public procurement of goods, services or constructions in Nigeria. The Bureau is responsible for regulating, setting the standards, and developing the legal framework, and also the professional capacity that is needed to harmonize all existing government policies and practices for public procurement in Nigeria.

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The introduction of Public Procurement Reforms in Nigeria followed a World Bank Country Procurement Assessment survey conducted in 1999 which established the link between poor/weak public procurement procedures and corruption as well as its far reaching negative consequences on national development especially in the area of infrastructural development in Nigeria. The Assessment Report revealed that 60k was being lost to underhand practices out of every N1.00 spent by Government and that an average of ten Billion US Dollars ($10b) was being lost annually due to fraudulent practices in the award and execution of public contracts through inflation of contract cost, lack of procurement plans, poor project prioritization, poor budgeting processes, lack of competition and value for money and other kinds of manipulations of the procurement and contract award processes.


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In order to address the above shortcomings, the Federal Government initiated the Public Procurement Reform as part of its Economic Reform agenda designed to restore due process in the award and execution of federal government contracts. This led to the setting up of the Budget Monitoring and Price Intelligent Unit (BMPIU known as Due Process) in 2001 to implement the Federal Government’s Public Procurement Reform Policy aimed at minimizing open abuses to known rules, processes and standards in the award and execution of public sector contracts in Nigeria.


Following the growing Public demand that the reforms are sustained and institutionalized with legal backing, a Public Procurement Bill was articulated in 2003/2004 by the Leadership of BMPIU and presented to the National Assembly. The Public Procurement Bill was thereafter passed by the National Assembly on the 30th of May, 2007 and subsequently signed into Law by Mr. President on the 4th of June, 2007.


The Bureau of Public Procurement (BPP) provides a registration database system known as the Contractor and Service Provider Database System for all federal government contractors, consultants, and service providers. If you want to be a consultant, contractor or service provider with the federal government, you need to pass the Bureau of Public Procurement registration.


The National Database for the Registration, Categorization and Classification of Federal Contractors, Consultants and Service Providers is an online system that Registers, Categorizes and Classifies Contractors, Consultants and Service Providers (CCSPs) doing business or intending to do business with the Federal Government of Nigeria.

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BPP Registration Requirements To register your company on the system:

  1. Provide your Company Contact Information. On successful completion, a temporary Contractor ID and Password is sent shortly to the Contact Email Address provided.
    Check your email for your temporary Contractor ID and Password.
  2. Using the temporary Contractor ID and Password, log on to the website and provide the following data about your company.
    • Company Registration Details
    • Company Tax Compliance Information
    • Employee Pension Compliance Information
    • Industrial Training Fund Certificate
    • Business Category Information
    • Professional Body Regulatory Information (For Services Companies only)
    • Manufacturer Representation Information (For Goods category only)
    • Business Classification Information
    • Company Key personnel Information

On successful completion, the above data will be subjected to verification.

  1. Based on verified company data, the company is classified by their relative level of competence i.e. delivery strength, financial strength, experience, equipment base, personnel, etc.
  2. A BPP permanent Contractor ID and Password is then sent to the Contact Email Address provided. With the BPP permanent Contractor ID and Password, you can log on to the website and manage your company data.


– Requirements for  National Pension Commission (Pencom) compliance certificate is not mandatory for companies with less than Fifteen (15) personnel

-Companies with less than five (5) personnel, or less than Fifty (50) million naira annual turnover, are not required to pay Industrial Training Fund(ITF) contributions, and as such do not require an ITF compliance certificate.”


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BPP Registration Requirements

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