As and agent, we do Prompt and Genuine Company Registration Service and under listed related registration services.

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Note: All our services are within Nigeria.

  • Change of Com­pany Name

  • Change of Reg­is­tered Com­pany Address

  • Change of Partners

  • Appointment/​Change of Direc­tors, Sec­re­tary & Shareholders

  • Fil­ing of Annual Returns

  • Change in Share Capital

  • Re-​registration of Unlim­ited Com­pany as Lim­ited by Shares

  • Re-​registration of Com­pany Lim­ited by Shares as Unlimited

  • Cer­ti­fied True Copy of Mem­o­ran­dum and Arti­cles of Association

  • Alter­ation of Mem­o­ran­dum and Arti­cles of Association

  • Fil­ing of Dis­so­lu­tion of Trustees

  • Con­ver­sion and Re-​registration of Pri­vate Com­pany as Public Company

Some of the requirements for company registration are as follows:

  1. The Proposed Company Names and Registered Address.
  2. Directors and Secretary Details.
  3. Share Capital and Shareholder Details.
  4. Identification Documents of Directors & Shareholders
  5. Proficiency Certificates (where applicable)
  6. Memorandum & Articles of Association.

Two Key questions we do get from people are

Q. How long would you complete my registration?

Answer: It takes us average of two (2) weeks to complete your company registration.

Q. Do you deliver outside Nigeria?”

The answer is Yes!. We complete the registration here in Nigeria and deliver your work to the address you will provide through courier services.

Some Briefs:

Private Limited Company (Ltd)
Private Limited Company is formed by a minimum of two to a maximum of fifty people. Those who have agreed make financial contributions to the business and have limited liability. They are limited by the monetary value of the shares they hold. The private limited company does not offer its shares to the general public.
Also, it does not make its accounts public nor publish audited reports in the dailies.

Incorporated Trustees (Inc.)

These are organizations that are not out to make profit and they are exempted from tax payment. These are the Non-governmental organizations like Churches, NGOs, Clubs and Mosques.


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