Oil and Gas and Marine Consultant Services

There are several reasons why you need the services of oil and gas consultant in your business in Nigeria. Considering the vast business environment, laws among the three tiers of governments and host communities, local content, Taxes, chains of activities to attain results and many more. Indeed, an oil and gas company in Nigeria needs a consultant.

Hiring a good consultant for Oil and Gas business in area(s) you are not conversant with is hiring one who has both the expertise and experience to advise you what to do and execute your plan into action saving you money, time and aggravation. In many areas, you need outside experts who can do the work, as well as provide training on what needs to be done. A good Oil and Gas business consultants can review your business plan, compare it with your goals, and tweak it or suggest ways to improve your chances for success.


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Even the most experienced oil and gas company will eventually run up against problems and opportunities outside of their expertise, especially if they want to be profitable and expand. Thankfully, there are consultants who specialize in oil and gas and you can rely on their years of deep knowledge for guidance on your current or future situation.

Some executives believe consultants are an unnecessary expense as they can prevent the company from learning and developing independently. However, the following reasons show these knowledgeable professionals can help in saving you cost, time, aggravation and enhance the knowledge base of your oil and gas company.


Cost Saving:

Business activity in oil and gas industry required chains of activities to attain result. For example, a company “B” may have a contract to supply materials/ tools to a service provider “company D”. This job will require company “B” to meet the industry regulatory compliances, affordable supply chain systems, practicable HSE system that will enable her to complete the job. Hiring an oil and gas consultant will help company “B” to save time, money and legal tousle in identifying the necessary regulatory compliances/ permits/ licenses required and the processing of same.

This goes to every other aspect of the activities that will lead to the job delivery.

Employing the services of a consultant can help you save in many ways like.

  • You don’t pay for their health insurance.
  • You don’t pay for their pension.
  • You only pay for specific work that must get done per the contract.
  • You free up your people to excel in their work.
  • You reduce multitasking among your employees.
  • You receive the benefits of the work for long after you’ve paid for it.
  • You only pay for their expertise for an agreed-upon contract term.

The concentrated nature of a consultant’s work helps your oil and gas company detect critical areas of improvement and act upon them — all while your full-time staff keeps things running.


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Creating a Road Map: 

Strategic planning is one of the key services provided by consultants. A consultant helps clients through analysis, statistics, and strategy. Strategizing is the key for any business, but it’s especially crucial for startups businesses.

You hired excellent people to do superior work for your company. You may have a supervisory staff for key department and then sublet the job activities to third party. You don’t need to have a person, team, or department to cover every single aspect of the oil and gas job activities. A good consultant should help you streamline these activities for optimum benefits of the company.

Also, in the new frontiers, you’re not hiring just any person to help your company explore new frontiers; rather, you are looking for a seasoned professional with highly specialized experience in your company’s pain areas. Consultants will come into the fold with a plan already in place hit the ground running.


They Offer an Outside Perspective

The benefit of bringing in a consultant is that they can see the whole situation with fresh eyes and give honest recommendations. You might have a detailed understanding of your business and core competencies, but you can also be too in the weeds to visualize and execute on your goals. Good leaders seek to continually improve, and sometimes that means engaging an outside, objective perspective.

By nature, consultants keep themselves a step removed from your day-to-day so they can better identify what needs to be addressed. To be clear, this isn’t a recommendation to turn over control or authority to a consultant, as many might have you believe. You’re merely asking a trusted and vetted expert to examine your company’s current situation with the hope they will provide much-needed advice about the next steps you should take.


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Expertise/ Specialization.

There are unrooting jobs/ activities that your staff may have idea but an oil and gas and marine consultant is well experience on to deliver. Your people have a lot on their plate keeping your oil and gas business running since you hired them for their specific roles. But when it comes to an unrooting jobs/ activities that lies outside their scope, the last thing you should want is for them to get distracted by new work. Far too often, we’ve seen companies stretch their staff too thin by having them take on additional projects or unrooting jobs/ activities on top of their regular assignments, which causes the work to slow down and incidents.

With a consultant, you’re hiring a project-specific professional whose entire focus will be that work only. They won’t have to deal with any day-to-day tasks, much less any tangential meetings, assignments, or emails. By freeing them of regular employee work, they can complete the assigned project according to the terms of the contract you both signed.


They Focus on the Future

The logical endpoint of our argument in favor of consultants comes full-circle to their expertise. You’re probably considering a consultant for your oil and gas business because you want to find a new path forward for growth or sustainability. Not only do they have the necessary knowledge and know-how to propel you in that new direction, but they have the freedom to face the future exclusively while you deal with the past and present.

Most likely, this consultant will work on a particular assignment relating to a physical product, service, or process improvement. In either case, this work’s big-picture goal is to improve your company’s abilities and processes. And once that consultant’s assignment is complete, your company will be better positioned for sustainability or growth.


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Good Consultants Have Your Best Interests at Heart

You need a right consultant for your oil and gas or marine company. You deserve the knowledge and expertise they can offer as you push your business to the next level. These professionals know that your success is their success, too.

We recommend keeping the following traits in mind when you seek out a Marine, oil and gas consultant:

  • Deep knowledge in the oil and gas or marine industry
  • Well-versed in technology
  • Strong project management background
  • Strong background in data conversion, software implementation, and strategy
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

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In conclusion:

Business consultancy is the practice of offering business executives professional, prudent third-party advice, expertise, and support with the aim of enhancing the business’s performance. A business consultant can help your business increase its presence, reputation and revenue through a comprehensive investigation of your directed markets, opponents with comparable business models, and their marketing tactics and deliver a succinct report that will prove vital to your Marine or oil and gas business.