Business Duty or Objective of Nipex Nigeria

Nigerian Petroleum Exchange (NipeX)

The primary objective of NipeX is to provide an electronic contracting platform for NNPC and its operating partners in the Joint Venture (JV) and Production Sharing Contract (PSC) arrangement with a view to:

  • Establishing a Joint Qualification System for the Pre-qualification of Contractors / Suppliers for ease of Supplier selection
  • Reducing contracting cycle time from duration of about 18 – 24 months to half or shorter time frame
  • Entrenching transparency into the contracting and procurement process thereby ensuring the integrity of the process
  • To increase visibility of contract opportunities to indigenous Contractors / Suppliers for capacity building


NipeX Operational scope is targeted at contracts above Operators’ Approval threshold from N25,000,000 (or $500,000) for JV companies and $250,000 for PSCs.

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Business Duty or Objective of Nipex Nigeria

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