are looking for local business partners in africa

That there are great business opportunities and big markets in Nigeria should not make you to jump into the market without some precaution. Many people have made huge and huge amount of profits and losses in Nigeria market. Most losses are not as a result of business failure but as a result of mistakes and fraudulent acts.

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Some foreign businesses has run into losses (money and goods) because common mistakes that can be avoided. Aziza Nigeria is bridging this gap for every foreigner who want to enjoy the business opportunities in Nigeria but do not have a reliable partner here. We will assist you as a foreigner that is not residing in Nigeria to secure a right business partner and where we can, we can partner with you.

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Our experiences on Debt Recovery Service  in Nigeria has lead us (Aziza Nigeria) to help foreigners securing local business partner in Nigeria. Prevention is better than cure they said.

Nigeria is one of the best countries to invest or do business of your choice, subject only to such regulations as are necessary for national interest. As such, any person can participate in the Nigerian Economy. A foreigner can start a business in Nigeria as a Sole proprietorship, Partnerships, Private Limited or Public limited liability companies, Limited by guarantee and unincorporated joint ventures.

Depending on what kind of business you want to run/start/own in Nigeria. Usually, all businesses, small or big must be registered with Nigerian’s Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) before it can operate as a legal entity.

As for Limited liability companies, some types of business activities require by law having a Nigerian national as a partner. For activities that don’t require a Nigerian national as a partner, you can assign a promoter or service agent for a mutually agreed.

We have some trusted registered organizations in several sectors in Nigeria that you can partner with. It is not enough recommending based on trust, we will go extra mile to ensure that your investment in Nigeria is secured.

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Promoter/ Service agents are basically partners with zero equity. They own nothing of your business, profits (or losses) and do not interfere in how you run your company. Their signatures are needed only for paperwork related typically with government procedures (licenses, visas…etc).

As to who/how to find a business partner in Nigeria, I strongly suggest you rely on personal recommendations and referrals. Even on personal recommendations, family relations and referrals, you may need Aziza Nigeria.

We will represent you as you would have if you are here in Nigeria.

Good luck