I am looking for a Business Partner in Nigeria

How do I get a reliable business partners in Nigeria?

Are looking for local business partners in Africa?

That there are great business opportunities and big markets in in Africa and Nigeria that are begging for investors to harness. Government policies and laws in Nigeria recent years has made it mandatory for foreigners to include Nigerian as local business partner(s) to the business.

Get Foreign Business Registration Service in Nigeria

To find a reliable business partners in Africa, Nigeria could be difficult as people can easily get away with crime. Many who steal your money and goods could abscond or disappear with or without a trace, and if you catch one, to get justice become more difficult as it takes time and money to get justice in Nigeria business environment.

This is the main reason Aziza Nigeria was form. We assist business men and women all over the world in Africa, Nigeria to avert these risks.

The 4 Business Sector/ Area Aziza Nigeria can partner with you are:

Oil and Gas Business


Sales of Commodity Goods


We are enthusiastic to add values to your business in Nigeria.

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As a Foreigner or a Nigerian who do not have a reliable person or business partner in Nigeria, you don’t need to worry again. Aziza Nigeria was form to fill this gap in Nigerian business environment.

We can assist/support you or your company to find appropriate business location for your business, find market for your products and services, fully act as your company staff in any capacity of your choice.

We are here to assist you, just tell us what you want.

Local Business Representation in Nigeria

Yes! Nigerian economy has been a very profitable business environment to invest and recoup your investment in very short time but it is not without risks.

Our Business Representation Service in Nigeria is born out of International and inter-state business Supervisory challenges arising from distance, physical absences, noncompliance of partner’s payment and such communication barriers.

Many international communities have done business with many Nigerian business men and make good profits. Also, many of them have cried bitterly because their partners refuse to pay after business transactions.

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We offer international organization business representation service solely in Nigeria. As part of our services we provide business representation for overseas manufacturers and suppliers, interested in establishing a business presence in Nigeria.

As your representative, we will act on your behalf and in accordance to your instructions, thus being in the front line and ensuring that all your needs will be met. We are committed to international and professional service standards that are based on full communication, on time performance, and goal oriented business outlook.

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Our core business representation service solutions in Nigeria include;

  • Acting on your behalf when dealing with your customers and clients.
  • Registration of your business and relevant permits you need to operate in Nigeria
  • Representing your company to businesses in Nigeria, monitor your goods and debtors.
  • Representing and selling your products in Nigeria.
  • Getting your products into Nigeria stores or distribution channels related to your products.
  • Helping with product integration and pricing to fit the local markets.
  • Providing after-sales services, including customer support for you products.
  • Coordinating and representing your products on trade shows and exhibitions.
  • Providing all necessary legal certificates for the selling of your products.

Please feel free to contact us to learn more of how we can be of service to you.

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Remember, Fidelity is our contract with you.

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I am looking for a Business Partner in Nigeria

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