In NipeX Registration, one of the most important things you must try to do well is selecting the right NipeX Product Code that fit your company services well. Where this is done properly, your company will always be invited for NipeX jobs that you can do. Where is it not done well, this may limit your chances of get contract or job.
This will also save you financial cost and application time.

NIPEX PRODUCT CODE(S) are the number of products and services you wish and think your company is competent enough to provide or render in NipeX electronic contracting platform for NNPC and its operating partners. These code helps the NipeX electronic contracting platform to find the products and services your company have registered.

Late 2016, NipeX developed a new PRODUCT CODEs for their products and services that is difference from the previous PRODUCT CODEs electronic contracting platform for NNPC and its operating partners. It is important that new vendors in NipeX electronic contracting platform for NNPC and its operating partners to know this.
The Nigerian Joint Qualification System (NJQS) or NipeX database uses a coding structure that allows purchasers to assess information about their actual and prospective suppliers.


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The coding structure is designed to cover all products and services used within the industry, and uses keywords to standardise the way suppliers register.

It is important to get this right while registering with NipeX because, NipeX electronic contracting platform will use the PRODUCT CODE to identify the type of contracts your company will be eligible to be invited to bid. Any contract your code did not cover, you will not be allowed to bid for the job.

There is important thing to note here, you must first of all obtain operational permit(s) of such services or product from Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) before your Product Code(s) will fly on NipeX Registration System. Some times called Product Mapping.

In other word, NIPEX PRODUCT CODE is the number of products/ services your company have the option and is permitted to operate in Nigerian Oil and Gas Sector through NipeX electronic contracting platform for NNPC and its operating partners in the Joint Venture (JV) and Production Sharing Contract (PSC) arrangement.

It is important to accurately describe the scope of product / equipment / material or service you provide. You are to use the appropriate keywords and free text description that matches or closely approximates to your situation.


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For example:
A company that have SAFETY / PROTECTION / SECURITY / FIREFIGHTING EQUIPMENT DPR Permit is eligible to choose Nipex product codes number 1.16.02 This will cover supply of (Aluminium, Barriers, Belt, Blankets, Davits, Detectors, Eye, Eye Wash Stations, Face, Fibreglass, Fire, Gas, Goggles, Hearing, Indicator, Immersion, Inflatable, Level, Life belt, Noise, Portable, Protection, Rescue mannikins, Rubber, Shields, Showers, Signs, Spectacles, Stations, Survival suits, TEMPSC, Tubes.)

NipeX Product Code of 1.16.03 will cover things like (Agents, Blankets, Branchpipes, Breathing apparatus, Cabinets, Compounds, Couplings, Dry, Extinguishers, Extinguishing, Foam, Gases, Helicopter, High, Hose, Hydrant, Low, Making, Monitors, Nozzles, Portable, Powders, Pressure, Pumps, Reels, Rescue, Respirators, Standpipes, Test, Valves, Water, Wheeled.)


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