It is important to know that individual can apply for Personnel Offshore Safety Permit (OSP) in Nigeria and this can be completed in two (2) weeks.

In Oil & Gas business in Nigeria, any job or contracts that based on Offshore, personnel that will execute the job need to obtain  Personnel OFFSHORE SAFETY PERMIT before they will allowed to go to offshore to execute the job(s).

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This is unlike most of the permits that bears the applying company’s name. Staff who have this permit do not need to apply a new one even when he/she changes job or company.
Staff should provide his/her previous Offshore Safety Permit number only. If it has expired, it will be renewed with very low cost.

OSP Sample
Sample of OSP Permit. Image and Name edited

Personnel DPR OSP Requirements, Cost & Steps

– The cost is USD 580 per person for new application.

BOSIET Certificate

– Medical Certificate

– Annual renewal fee is USD 135 per person.

– You make payment into the DPR account and send the proof of payment. 
– Upon confirmation of payment, your data is uploaded unto system and image capture advice sent to you.

– You get the registered personnel image capture done and revert to us after they have had their images captured.

– An attestation letter will be issued upon confirmation of image capture. – And OSP permits will be issued.

The OFFSHORE SAFETY PERMIT is given to personnel of an organization through company’s application/ request.

The cost is USD 580 per person and it last for one year and is renewable.  Subsequent annual renewal fee is USD 135 per person.

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  1. Companies that want to obtain OFFSHORE SAFETY PERMIT for her personnel s are required to submit the following details:1. Company name
  2. Company address
  3. Company phone number
  4. Company email
  1. Fill in OFFSHORE SAFETY PERMIT Form. This will contain Personnel’s data and attached medical certificates.
  2. They will vet your information and issue you an invoice accordingly.
  3. You make payment to DPR and provide proof of payment.
  4. Arrangement to capture the registered personnel image will be done and when the process is completed, an attestation letter will be issued upon confirmation of image capture.
  5. An OFFSHORE SAFETY Permit will be issue permits 2-3 working days after image capture.

All these process can be completed within two weeks depending on your ability to respond.

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