DPR OSP Card/ Permit

Personnel DPR OSP Permit as regards to Nigerian Oil & Gas sector given to person who work at Nigerian Onshore and Offshore locations. Personnel DPR OSP Permit designed in tracking of personnel working in Onshore and Offshore locations, managing installations owned and/or operated by Oil and Gas operators and contractors in Nigeria.

As every company that operate in Nigerian Oil & Gas sector must have DPR permit to operate, so is every person/ personnel that would work in Nigerian Onshore and Offshore locations must have Personnel DPR OSP Permit

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DPR OSP Card/ Permit Cost $580

Prior to 2019, Personnel DPR OSP Permit was $680 plus the bank charge that may differ based how you make your payment. Currently, the OSP application fee is $580 one off payment for every offshore worker and is renewable on a yearly basis at a fee of $135.

Sample PERSONNEL DPR Offshore Safety Permit (OSP) Card and cost
Sample of Personnel OSP Permit, name and image edited

Personnel DPR OSP Requirements & Steps

– The cost is USD 580 per person for new application.

OSP Training

– Medical Certificate

– Annual renewal fee is USD 135 per person.

– You make payment into the DPR account and send the proof of payment. 
– Upon confirmation of payment, your data is uploaded unto system and image capture advice sent to you.

– You get the registered personnel image capture done and revert to us after they have had their images captured.

– An attestation letter will be issued upon confirmation of image capture. – And OSP permits will be issued.

The Federal Government of Nigeria through Minister of Petroleum Resources launched the Nigerian Petroleum Industry Offshore Safety Permit (“OSP”). The primary purpose of launch of the OSP is for the tracking of personnel working in Onshore and Offshore locations, managing installations owned and/ or operated by Oil and Gas operators and contractors in Nigeria to achieve the vision of zero offshore incidents.

DPR OSP PERMIT is issued to company’s contractor’s personnel that operate in Nigerian Onshore and Offshore Oil and Gas locations.

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When making the application, make sure you confirm with your personnel if they have previously been registered for or issued an OSP card (permit), as no personnel is authorized to have more than one OSP card. If they have already been issued permits, you may only be required to pay for the renewal of their permit rather than the full cost of a new registration.

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DPR OSP Card/ Permit

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