Waste Management Services DPR Permit/ License

In this post, we explained how to obtain Waste Management Services DPR Permit / License, processes, statutory fees and requirements. Waste Management Services is under Specialized DPR Permit / License Category.

With increased awareness on Nigerian Oil &Gas environmental management, Waste Management Services has become a lucrative business Nigerian Oil & Gas industry.

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For a firm to undertake Waste Management Services in Nigerian Oil & Gas industry,  such firm/ company must obtain DPR Permit (OGSIP) on Waste Management Services.  There are several kinds of waste in Oil and Gas activities and gone are the days IOCs and other exploration companies will throw the generated waste on the sea.

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Nigerian government through Department of Petroleum Resource (DPR), a department under the Nigerian Federal Ministry of Petroleum Resources (FMPR), saddled with the responsibility of exploration and importation of Petroleum products. DPR also oversees the safety, management and other regulations that relate to the exportation and importation of the products into the country.

Waste Management Services DPR (OGISP) Permit/ License Application processes

Waste Management Services
  • Create Company Account with DPR
  • Select Waste Management Services and Sub-heading
  • Generate RRR number for the permit
  • Make Permit payment (Oniline or Direct Bank Deposit)
  • Supply Company details
  • Upload statutory documents
  • Prepare & Make presentation
  • Receive your Waste Management Services DPR Permit

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Waste Management License Permit Requirement

  • *Certificate of incorporation
  • *Certified true copy of memorandum & articles of assoc.
  • *Certified true copy of form c.07/cac2.3/cac 7
  • *Current tax clearance certificate
  • Company’s profile
  • Comprehensive staff list & curriculum vitae of key staff (should include position & qualification of staff)
  • List of equipment/facility available to the company
  • List of approved expatriate quota position & their Nigerian understudies
  • Proposed training programme for Nigerian staff for the current year
  • Registration by relevant professional body
  • Technical agreement or MOU with Nigerian company/DPR accredited laboratory (where applicable)
  • *employee’s compensation scheme (Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund (NSITF))
  • Health, Safety, Environment and Community (HSEC)
  • Current medical retainership agreement with a hospital or clinic located in company’s operational location

Waste Management License / Permit Cost

Specialized ₦250,000.00 ₦7,500.00 Varies

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List of Waste Management Services License Under (OGISP) DPR Permit
Below list are the Waste Management Services DPR will issue you permit in Nigerian Oil & Gas industry.

  • Offshore Fumigation and Sanitation
  • Tank/Vessel Cleaning
  • Water-based mud handling
  • Installation and/or Operation of Waste Management/Treatment Facilities; Thermal Desorption Unit(TDUs), LTDU/HTDU
  • Installation and/or Operation of Waste Management/Treatment Facilities; Incinerator/Compactors
  • Others
  • Engineered Landfill
  • Waste recycling (Spent lubes, used tyres, Batteries, Scrap Metals etc.)
  • Secondary Waste Management (Residual Ash)
  • Composting
  • Waste Re-Injection
  • Hazardous Waste Transportation
  • Installation/Operation of produced water treatment facility
  • Offshore Domestic Waste Management
  • Pneumatic bulk drill cutting transfer
  • Drill cuttings Temporary Retention Services – offshore
  • Installation/Operation of Sewage Treatment Plant (STP)
  • Installation/Operation of Recyclable Waste Depot
  • Installation and/or Operation of waste water treatment equipment
  • Maintenance and Operation of Incinerators
  • Maintenance and Operation of Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Offshore Evacuation of Drill Cuttings

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Waste Management Services DPR Permit/ License

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