NCDMB and NOGIC JQS registrations

In this write up, we explained how corporate organization and Individual can complete The Nigeria Local Content Registration with NCDMB. We also explain the categories, requirements and steps to register as a person or as a company on NOGIC JQS portal.

We also give support services to corporate organizations to comply with Nigerian Local Content Act and registrations.

NCDMB stands for: Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board


What is NCDMB?

The Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board (NCDMB) is a federal government body. NCDMB was established by the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry Content Development (NOGICD) Act which came into effect on April 22, 2010.

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What is NOGIC JQS?

The NOGIC JQS (Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry Content Joint Qualification System) is an Electronic Platform for Data Consolidation on all major activities in the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry.

Nigerian Local Content that is managed with NOGIC JQS was created in line with section 55 of the NOGIC Act which states that the Board shall establish, maintain and operate a joint qualification system (JQS) in consultation with industry stakeholders which shall be administered in accordance with provisions set out in the regulations to be made by the Minister in accordance with the provisions of this Act.
The NOGIC JQS is managed by the Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board, NCDMB.

NOGIC JQS Registrations

There are two types of accounts in the Nigerian Oil & Gas Industry Content Joint Qualification System (Local Content Registration) registrations; they are Individual Account and corporate organization account.

Four (4) Categories of NOGIC JQS Registration
(1) Individuals (Nigerians anywhere in the world)
(2) Service Companies
(3) Operators (IOC: International Oil Companies, Marginal Field Operators, Downstream Operators, National Oil Companies)
(4) Tertiary and Research Institutions

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Individual NOGIC JQS Registrations

As an individual, you can follow the following steps to create an account and register with NOGIC JQS.

Signup to NOGIC JQS portal click HERE

To access the NOGIC JQS portal, you must first signup to the portal and after successful creation of your portal user account, You MUST update your profile information. This would ensure that your exact profile information is available at NCDMB for full evaluation and proper considerations. The following steps enumerate how you can easily do this:           


Click on the “Account” button and select “Create an Individual Account” to create your personal profile account on the NOGIC JQS system.

(Please endeavor to enter all required fields in the form. These include your surname, first name, date of birth, email address, mobile-phone number, username and password).       


After you successfully fill the form for portal account creation, click on the “Sign up” button to initiate portal account creation              


Upon Successful account creation, a welcome email message is sent to your mail box. Activate your account and login using your username (email) and portal password.    


Upon Successful Login, Update your Profile across the following:

•   Basic Data

•   Educational Qualification

•   Industry Certification

•   Job Experience

•   Skill

•   Industry Training

(Ensure that you upload copies of all claimed certificates).           

 NB: You can always update your profile to reflect necessary changes or new sets of information 

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Company NOGIC JQS Registrations

It is becoming a compulsory requirement for companies in Nigerian especially in Oil & Gas industry to meet Nigerian Local Content reguirements. That is to register with NCDMB through Nigerian Oil & Gas Industry Content Joint Qualification System (NOGIC JQS). This is because as a business support firm in Nigeria and majorly give our supports in Oil & Gas; many government bodies like NipeX and International Oil Companies (IOCs) in Nigeria are now requesting for the evidence of registration with NCDMB through Nigerian Oil & Gas Industry Content Joint Qualification System (NOGIC JQS) before you can do business with them.

Local Content Corporate Organization Registrations Requirements:

  1. Letter of Intent to Register with NCDMB
  2. Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) documents:
  3. Certificate of Incorporation
  4.  CAC Form C02
  5. CAC Form C07
  6. Company name
  7. Company Corporate Email Address
  8. Company Contact Address
  9. Corporate Phone Number
  10. C.A.C RC number.
  11. Valid DPR Certificate(s)

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NOGIC JQS Registration procedure as a service company,

  1. Contact NOGIC JQS team and make a request for Local Content registration
  2. Submit required documents to NOGIC JQS
  3. After NOGIC JQS  verifies your documents
  4. An Account will be created for you on NOGIC JQS portal and IDs will sent to you.
  5. Update your details and upload your documents on NOGIC JQS portal
  6. After NOGIC JQS verifies your details and is satisfied, an evidence of registration will be issued to you.
  7. Your authorize person will go and collect the certificate.


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