Consultancy & Technical Services DPR Permit

As a consultant who want to render service in Nigerian Oil and Gas sector, you need a Consultancy Department of Petroleum Resources permit. Consultancy DPR Permits are used for professional services and are classified among Oil and Gas Industry Service Permit (OGISP) in the Oil and Gas sector. In this post, we covered how to process Consultancy DPR Permit and list the services options, requirements and the cost.

Two types of consultancy DPR permits

They are Consultancy Services permits and Technical Consultancy permits.
Consultancy Services DPR Permits is under major category of Oil and Gas Industry Service Permit (OGISP)

While Technical Consultancy services DPR Permits is under specialized category of Oil and Gas Industry Service Permit (OGISP). 


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Consultancy Permit Requirements

Apart from some services that will attract extra compliance requirement(s), the following are general requirements for Consultancy Services and Technical Consultancy DPR permit.
It is important to note that most of the services will require the professional body’s certificate. E.g. COREN.

  1. CAC Documents
  2. Current Tax Clearance Certificate
  3. Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund (NSITF)
  4. Company profile
  5. List of Equipment/Facility Available to The Company
  6. Medical Retainership Agreement with A Hospital
  7. Training Program/ Mission / Vision
  8.   HSE Management System
  9.  Treasury Receipt from Ministry of Labour & Productivity. This does not apply to all services.


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Consultancy Services DPR permit

Below are services under Consultancy Services that an applicant is to select one for a DPR permit.

  1. Media and Publicity
  2. Community Relations
  3. Nigerian Manpower Supply (Nigerian Professionals only)
  4. Security Services (Security equipment/devices, Pipeline Surveillance, Armed guards)
  5. Medical Consultancy
  6. Information Technology (Hardware and Software Management)
  7. Legal Services
  8. Architecture Services
  9. Engineering Services(0-50,000 man-hours)
  10. Quantity Surveying and Estate Management
  11. Local Freight/Clearing and Forwarding
  12. Horticulture/Landscaping
  13. Furnishing and Interior/Exterior Decoration
  14. Insurance Brokerage
  15. Event Planning
  16. QA/QC Services
  17. Geotechnical services
  18. Hydro Geology
  19. Training/Manpower Development (HAZOP/HAZID)
  20. Training/Manpower Development (Basic Safety training)
  21. Outsourcing and Expediting services
  22. Training/Manpower Development ( Software/IT)
  23. Training/Manpower Development ( Engineering)
  24. Training/Manpower Development ( Finance/Accounts)
  25. Training/Manpower Development (Management/Admin)
  26. Training/Manpower Development (Soft Skills Training)


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Technical Consultancy DPR Permits

Below are services under Technical Consultancy permits that an applicant is to select one for a permit.

  1. Environmental Sensitivity Index (ESI) Mapping Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  2. Marine Survey
  3. Reservoir Evaluation & Management
  4. Technical Integrity Management/Assurance (e.g. Scaffolding Certification, Safety Audit/Technical Surveys)
  5. Lifting Equipment Certification
  6. Aircraft Inspection (QC & QA)
  7. Risk Management Services
  8. Oceanography
  9. Offshore Environmental Services (EIA, Sea Bed Surveys etc)
  10. Production Operation & Process Maintenance
  11. Research and Development (Technology)
  12. Project Management
  13. Marine Engineering
  14. Calibration/Meter Proving
  15. Geological Studies
  16. Instrumentation & Control
  17. Facility Inspection & Maintenance Service
  18. Interface Management & Regulatory Compliance
  19. Others
  20. Engineering Services (above 50,000 man-hours)
  21. Carbon Credit Assessment
  22. Rig Inspection


Consultancy Services & Technical Consultancy DPR permits Cost, Requirements and Processes

Consultancy Services Fee:
The official fee N27,500.00
Statutory fee N25,000.00 and
Official processing fee N2,500. Two seven thousand, five hundred Naira.



Technical Consultancy Fee:
The official fee N257,500.00

Statutory fee N250,000.00 and
Official processing fee N7,500. Two hundred and fifty-seven thousand, five hundred Naira.



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How to Process the Permits

  • Your are to create company account on Oil and Gas Industry Service Permit Portal (OGISP) DPR portal.
  • Go to application >> Select new application drop down >> select Major/ Specialized >> chose Consultancy Services/ Technical Consultancy
  • Make payment. You have payment method options like: Card, online banking, bank branch.
  • Complete details and submit application
  • DPR team will verify your application
  • Your company will be notify for Inspection by DPR team
  • Permit will be issued if the company’s Inspection goes well.

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Consultancy & Technical Services DPR Permit

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