nigerian content equipment certification

What is Nigerian Content Equipment Certificate (NCEC)?

Nigerian Content Equipment Certification (NCEC). It is a certificate issued by Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board (NCDMB) to companies in Nigeria in recognition of its commitment to the local content policy.

Nigerian Content Equipment Certification (NCEC) CERTIFICATION PURPOSE

Nigerian Content Equipment Certification (NCEC) are given to companies who Assemble, Manufacture or Calibrate equipment in Nigeria.

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It is the Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board (NCDMB) that issues Nigerian Content Equipment Certification. NCDMB was established by the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry Content Development (NOGICD) Act which came into effect on April 22, 2010 with sole aim of;

NCEC Certificate Categories

Nigerian Content Equipment Certification (NCEC) registration with NIGERIAN CONTENT DEVELOPMENT AND MONITORING BOARD (NCDMB) are categorized as following;

  1. Manufacturing and Related Services (MS)

Materials in this category are manufactured in Nigeria and are to be exclusively procured and supplied by the incountry as listed: production chemicals, drilling fluids and chemicals, Cables, Paints, linepipes, Personal protection Equipment, shaker screen, LV, MV and HV Panels, Glass reinenforced Pipes, Bolts and Nults, Steel Pipe, steel plates, Fibre Units, cable trays and ladder, switches and gears, ICSS cabinets, Pig launcher accessories, fittings , Valves.

  1. Fabrication and Construction (FC)

All pipe coating and threading, modules, sub assemblies, products, fixtures, and components related to construction activities required in the oil and gas industry that can be fabricated incountry.

  1. Production Services (SS)

All activities related to provision of services and support to the Oil and Gas industry excluding Marine Logistics and Drilling services.

  1. Procurement and Supplies (PS)

Procurement, maintenance and supply of material tools, equipments required of Oil and Gas Production activities.

  1. Consultancy Services NCEC Application.

Delivery of engineering designs, studies, advisory services, and other specialized services in the Oil and Gas industry.

  1. Quality Control Inspection and Testing NCEC Application.

Testing and certification services such as non destructive testing and all forms of quality control and quality assurance certification.

  1. Construction and Movable Equipment NCEC Application.

Movable equipment and materials that form only a part of what is required for value creation in the Oil and Gas industry.

  1. Non Moveable Equipment NCEC Application.

Assets used for onshore and offshore services including training facilities logistics, catering, health safety and environment, medical and Oil and Gas related services in the Nigerian Oil and Gas industry. 

Below is the old categories. 

Company Categorization


Tender  Implementation

Category A

Nigerian Companies currently in the business of manufacturing/ assembling/coating/threading etc. of equipment/ components of equipment. Certificate is valid for 2 years from the date of issuance.

Given first and exclusive consideration in all tenders related to equipment for which NCEC was obtained. In the event that no service provider with category A submits bids, or supply capacity of all participating category A companies have been exhausted, category B companies shall be given consideration.

Category B

Companies that are OEM  representatives with no in-country manufacturing/assembling facilities, but propose to assemble/manufacture/fabricate components and parts etc.

Category B vendors are given next consideration in the event that no vendor with  Category A submits bids or supply capacity of all participating category A companies  have been exhausted.

Category C

Companies that deploy equipment for operations such as dredging, survey, drilling, construction etc. Certificate is valid for one (1) year. Equipment are expected to satisfy at least 50% ownership by Nigerians.

In a situation where category C & D certified companies are into a tender, then   Category C vendors shall be given first consideration.  Category D vendors are to be considered only when the capacities of category C vendors have been exhausted.

Category D

Companies that deploy equipment for operations such as dredging, survey, drilling, construction, catering etc. Certificate is valid for one (1) year.

Category D vendors are to be considered only when the capacities of category C vendors have been exhausted or when there are no category C certified companies in the bid exercise.

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1              State equipment for which application is being made

2              Typical usage of the equipment in the oil & gas industry

3              Name of original equipment manufacturer (OEM)

4              Country of origin of OEM

5              Other Countries where the OEM has manufacturing/assembling facilities

6              List equipment/components supplied to the Nigerian oil & gas industry in the past 10years

7              Cost of equipment/component/parts supplied to Nigeria in the past 10 years

8              Details and evidence of location for manufacturing/assembling activities in Nigeria, provide title/lease agreement for site, photo, layout and other documents (where applicable)

9              Details of activities already done, equipment procured or installed for establishment of the facility with cost implication (broken down to quarterly milestones and road map)

10           Details of outstanding activities for establishment of the facility with cost implication (broken down to quarterly milestones and road map)

Contact for Company Local Content Plan/ Policy

11           Detailed investment plan with timelines and investment cost broken down to quarterly milestones (for those that are yet to start)

12           State current/proposed activity with regards to the equipment or component (i.e. manufacturing/ assembly/coating/fabrication etc.).

13           State proposed investment cost in USD

14           Details of equipment/component specification to be manufactured/assembled and business plan with respect to equipment/components (assembly/manufacturing/threading/coating/fabrication etc.)

15           For OEMs being promoted by IOCs, state roles and responsibilities of both parties

16           Name of manufacturer’s representative in Nigeria

17           Evidence of appointment as representative with responsibilities

18           Percentage local content value i.e. local value-add over total cost

19           Total workforce (Nigerian vs foreign) and evidence of expatriate quota approvals (where applicable)

20           Any other information that will demonstrate domiciliation of activities

21           Contact details of officer in charge (Phone no, email  etc)


For registration help and other assistance,

Call: +234-8033-185-898