NJQS Registration, Requirements and Steps

People have been asking “what is the difference between NJQS Registration, NOGIC JQS Registration and NipeX Registration?. “what is the benefits of NJQS Registration or what do we stand gain after registering with NJQS?”, NJQS Requirements and Steps in Registration. Fees. We have tried our best to answer these questions and more on this post.

What is JQS?

JQS is an acronym Joint Qualification System. It is designed to pre-qualify Suppliers registered in Nigeria. It increases efficiency and instills integrity in the pre-qualification process of the Nigerian Oil and Gas industry. NJQS Registration can also be called NipeX Registration

What is NJQS?

NJQS is an acronym for NipeX Joint Qualification System.


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What is NJQS Registration?

The NJQS Registration is an electronic (online or webbase) marketplace designed to facilitate contract processing between Operators (Buyers) and NNPC. In otherwords, It is the bidding platform of NipeX where tenders are progressed from Opportunity phase upto Commercial phase.

NipeX is a division of the National Petroleum Investment Management Services (NAPIMS), a Corporate Services Unit (CSU) of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) set up to enhance contracting processes in the oil and gas industry in Nigeria.

What is NOGIC JQS?

The NOGIC JQS (Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry Content Joint Qualification System) is an Electronic Platform for Data Consolidation on all major activities in the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry. The NOGIC JQS was created in line with section 55 of the NOGIC Act which states that the Board shall establish, maintain and operate a joint qualification system (JQS) in consultation with industry stakeholders which shall be administered in accordance with provisions set out in the regulations to be made by the Minister in accordance with the provisions of this Act.

The NOGIC JQS is managed by the Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board, NCDMB.

What is NOGIC JQS Registrations?

Nigerian Oil & Gas Industry Content Joint Qualification System (NOGIC JQS) registrations is a compulsory for all Oil & Gas companies in Nigeria. 

There are two types of accounts in the Nigerian Oil & Gas Industry Content Joint Qualification System (NOGIC JQS) registrations; they are Individual Account and corporate organization account.

Four (4) Categories of NOGIC JQS Registration

(1) Individuals (Nigerians anywhere in the world)
(2) Service Companies
(3) Operators (IOC: International Oil Companies, Marginal Field Operators, Downstream Operators, National Oil Companies)
(4) Tertiary and Research Institutions


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NJQS Registration

There are two distinct types of Suppliers on the NJQS or NipeX platform, the Standard and Essential Services Suppliers. The Standard Suppliers participate in all major and specialized tender  exercises above the approval threshold of the Operators.

The Essential Services Suppliers (ESS) also known as Community Suppliers participate in tender exercises within the Operators threshold and restricted to Operator’s immediate community. This category of Suppliers are not required to pay the NipeX registration and renewal fees.

The key one: Upon completion of NJQS registration, you will be migrated to e-Marketplace with login details. NipeX does not give certificate for registering with them. In order to qualify as an Essential Supplier, a company should:

  • Be from the Oil bearing /oil producing community
  • Be Wholly Nigerian owned
  • Be identified by the local Government Authority
  • Execute contracts valued at 10million naira and below

NJQS Registration Fees The official registration fee for a new NJQS Supplier Registration

  1. NJQS Registration fee N25,000
  2. NJQS Renewal fee N20,000 / year.

 NJQS Registration Required Documents

1. Certificate of Incorporation
2. Form CO2 – Allotment of shares
3. Form CO7 – List of Directors
4. Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) Certificate
5. Current Company Tax Clearance Certificate
6. VAT Certificate
7. PENCOM Certificate (where applicable)
8. Reference letter from your bank
9. Current ITF Registration Certificate .

Steps in NJQS Registration As A New Supplier

  1. Log on to the NJQS website: www.nipex-ng.com
  2. Click on ‘Services’ tab and select ‘NJQS Registration’
  3. Click ‘No’ if not registered
  4. Complete the form and then click ‘Submit’
  5. Ensure you have all the mandatory documents to enable you proceed, tick all boxes then click ‘Yes’
  6. Select payment method: either – Offline or Online or Payment already made (with Teller available)
  7. For ‘off-line’ payment, an email will be received from NJQS to make payment
  8. After payment has been made, click on ‘Continue’ in the body of mail to proceed
  9. Please enter all payment details:


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¨ Transaction Number is ‘Deposit Slip No. or NipeX payment receipt no. or Remita RRR ¨ Depositor’s name is the Company’s name ¨ Click ‘Submit’ and forward teller/remita receipt to fs@nipex.com.ng with the subject: “Request for payment validation”

  1. NipeX staff verifies payment with bank
  2. An email would be received from NJQS confirming payment. Click on ‘Click here’ to continue the registration process
  3. Provide additional details about the company and then click on ‘Next’
  4. Upload the mandatory documents. Click ‘Save’
  5. NipeX quality-checks documents for conformity/completeness
  6. An email confirming successful document upload would be received. In the mail sent, there is the option to re-upload documents by clicking on ’Click here’
  7. If documents are compliant, notification emails with log in details to access the full registration Questionnaire will be received later
  8. Complete all sections of the questionnaire
  9. On the declaration page, click on ‘Confirm’ button
  10. Click on ‘Submit’ tab to forward completed questionnaire to NJQS
  11. Your questionnaire will be quality checked and if these are no errors, the questionnaire will be approved.
  12. Upon questionnaire approval, you will be scheduled for desktop audit after which you will be scheduled for onsite audit upon a successful desktop audit.

Pay through www.remita.net (when the website opens up)

(i) Click on pay a federal Government agency ( it will bring out a form for you )

(ii) On NAME OF MDA: type National Petroleum Investment Management Services.

(iii) On NAME OF SERVICES/PURPOSE: click on the box and a menu will drop click on National Petroleum Investment Management Services Fees.

(iv) On DESCRIPTION: type the appropriate fee you are paying for:

That is: NJQS Registration fee N25,000

(v) Then proceed to fill in your company name, email and telephone number

(vi) Key in the character into the box (usually four) and click proceed to payment

(vii) When this is done, another page will drop with your RRR code

(viii) You will then print out the page and take to the bank to make your payment


Contact us for help and other assistance on NJQS Registration.

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NJQS Registration, Requirements and Steps

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