Nigerian Content Development And Monitoring Board (NCDMB) now issue Certificate as as corporate organizations complete Nigerian Oil & Gas Industry Content Joint Qualification System (NOGIC JQS) Registration. This post has other information on how start Oil & Gas business in Nigeria and to do/ obtain other Nigerian OiL & Gas industry Registration, Permits and Certificates you need to do your business.

The Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board (NCDMB) is a federal government body. NCDMB was established by the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry Content Development (NOGICD) Act which came into effect on April 22, 2010.

The applicants of NOGIC JQS Registration Certificate will now obtain the certificate online. This is another way Nigerian government employed to ease doing business in Nigerian Oil and Gas industry.

What is NOGIC JQS?

It is Nigerian Oil & Gas Industry Content Joint Qualification System (NOGIC JQS). The Registrations There are two types of accounts in the Nigerian Oil & Gas Industry Content Joint Qualification System (NOGIC JQS) registrations; they are Individual Account and corporate organization account. It is a mandatory registration for all individual and companies that want to work or operate in Nigerian Oil & Gas Industry.  

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NOGIC JQS Certificate

It is a mandatory requirement for all companies in Nigerian Oil and Gas industry to register with Nigerian Content Development And Monitoring Board (NCDMB). Upon completion the registration, NCDMB will issue your company a NOGIC JQS Certificate that will be valid for One (1) year.

NOGIC JQS Registration Certificate Requirements

All Corporate Organization Registrations requires the followings:

  1. Letter of Intent to Register with NCDMB
  2. Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) documents:
  3. Certificate of Incorporation
  4.  CAC Form C02
  5. CAC Form C07
  6. Company name
  7. Company Corporate Email Address
  8. Company Contact Address
  9. Corporate Phone Number
  10. C.A.C RC number.
  11. Valid DPR Permit of any category

Individual NOGIC JQS Registrations As an individual, you can follow the following steps to create an account and register with NOGIC JQS. Read more on individual account requirements. To Signup to NOGIC JQS portal click HERE  

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The Aim of Local Content in Nigeria

Essentially, local content is about securing direct and indirect opportunities for employment and procurement to Nigerian citizens, at the same time as fostering the development of local skills, technology transfer, and use of local manpower and local manufacturing in capital projects.  

Nigeria’s Local Content Act 2010

Nigerian Local Content Act 2010 was ratified and signed into law in April 2010 by acting President Goodluck Jonathan, the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry Local Content Development Bill 2010 placed stringent obligations on upstream oil companies in the areas of finance, community and the local workforce.

Amongst the provisions laid down in the act were requirements obliging downstream and upstream oil and gas companies operating in Nigeria to place ten percent of their annual profit in Nigerian banks and contract their legal and insurance services to Nigerian companies.

Another key provision laid down in the act were requirements differentiating Nigerian and foreign oil and gas companies. An Nigerian companies is a company that ownership is 51% of share capital is own by Nigeria citizens. The act made it mandatory that Nigerians companies must be given first priority in all oil and gas jobs (employments & contracts).

In early 2010, Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC) of Nigeria Ltd won an award for its work within the field of local content as the best local content policy implementer in the country, thanks to the “visible steps” it has taken to involve local companies in the industry.

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  The upstream oil and gas company allocated $718 million in funding to Nigerian contractors of 2009, $373 million of that number invested into the Niger Delta region.  

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NOGIC JQS Registration Certificate & Requirements

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